Data sharding in the cloud, saves your data into multiple blocks, distributed across multiple servers. You are in control of your data, choose who you need to share information with, and choose how much to share.

Indefinite Encryption

The world’s most advanced and future proof encryption that keeps your data safe. Your 16 character password used to access your data would take over 300 years to crack in a brute force attack.

Transaction Chain

All information is classed as a transaction, with each server aware of each others transactions. Interception of your data is impossible. Even our team cannot access or view your data once you’ve saved it.

Your data in the Blockchain

Our Blockchain platform is changing the way we prove our identity online, and in the real world. Faster. Simpler. Secure. Most importantly, 100% Protected. 

With our platform, we put you in control. You decide who to share your data with. You decide how much of your personal information they see. Our platform will be integrated with financial institutions, insurance companies, residential lettings, universities, and more. Any data they request when you are applying for a bank account, mortgage, new letting agreement, will all require your permission. Our platform will also prove your identity 100% without further checks.

Instant data transfer
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Scalable blocks
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Smart layer technology
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Our start is just the future

Identiify is built on the belief we can do better. We can make things better. Protecting your identity is our aim. Providing you with a secure platform where you’re in control of who views your information, is the most secure way for you to stay in control.

The Start – The Future

We are a company with a vibrant past and a well thought-out plan to build the bright future.

The idea and concept

March 2018 – the idea of the project is born. Our original plan was to use the blockchain solution for storing people’s personal information. Primarily aimed at the heath service.


April 2018 – we progressed with the idea and realised the huge potential of the platform. This lead the project into other industries where it could be utilised.


June 2018 – We’ve proved we can write personal data to the blockchain and distribute it around various test cloud servers.


July 2018 – Here we are, currently working on a Beta version which is fully packed full of all our current ideas. We’re in the process of seeking funding to take our idea public.